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    Badlapur station to Shashwat Park - Deepali stand autorickshaw drivers taking arbitrary fare! - Passengers complain

    Badlapur: - Recently, strict action has been taken by the Ambernath traffic department against rickshaw drivers who were working arbitrarily, which has waken up Badlapur residents. There is a complaint from the passengers that Badlapur rickshaw drivers are arbitrarily charging for going to Manjarli Shashwatt Park or Deepali Park Rickshaw Stand from Badlapur West Railway Station. A woman passenger from Manjarli spoke to Badlapur Vikas, saying that the charges from the station to Shashwat Park or Deepali rickshaw stand are up to 10 rupees for share auto and 30 rupees for the private, but for some days, the rickshaw drivers started charging arbitrarily from the passengers. Specifically, the autorickshaw driver does not start his autorickshaw unless 4 or 5 passengers are traveling for the share auto rickshaw. Rickshaw driver and not more than three passengers rule is being violated by the rickshaw drivers, and rickshaw doesn't operate till they get 4-5 passengers. In the sharing, 4-5 passengers can be settled but private is either denied or at one stage of 40 or 50 rupees are being looted instead of 30 rupees.
    Passengers say many of them have complained to the Ambernath traffic department and but charging arbitrary fare have not stopped yet.

    Now Badlapur vikas Top news are also in marathi language, click below headline :-
    समाजसेवक मयुर रोडगे यांस लाइफसेवर फाऊंडेशन केले सम्मानित
    तुलसी आंगन सोसायटीच्या वतीने दिवाळी पहाट कार्यक्रमाचे आयोजन
    खरवई येथील हातगाडी माफियांचा बदलापूर शहरात हैदोस
    शिवसेना नगरसेवक तुषार बेंबळकर यांच्या वाढदिवसाला आमदार किसान कथोरे यांची उपस्थिती
    बदलापूर (पूर्व) रिक्षा चालक मालक संघटनेच्या निवडणुकीत किशोर रामचंद्र देशमुख विजयी
    प्रियेसीच्या नादात लग्न केलेल्या बायकोचा केला छळ ; बदलापुर पूर्व पोलिस ठाण्यात गुन्हा दाखल
    ठेकेदार भरत नवगिरेच्या डंपरने दिली पार्क असलेल्या चारचाकी वाहनाला धडक : नुकसान भरपाई न दिल्याने प्रकरण न्यायालयात जाणार


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