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    Kharvai handcart mafias causing chaos in the Badlapur city

    ‘Unauthorized handcarts are being run by outsiders for a salary of 7 thousand’'

    *Officer Sarmalkar is accused of taking extortion money for not taking action against unauthorized handcarts*

    Badlapur (Badlapurvikas Special Report):- After taking action against the unauthorized construction and encroachment of Kulgaon Badlapur municipal council, BJP corporator Sambhaji Shinde has posted a video on social media so that action should also be taken against the unauthorized handcarts in Kulgaon Badlapur city. He said in the video that in the Khravai area some big contractor who is giving salary of ₹7000 per month to outsiders and asking them to setup unauthorized handcarts at various places in Badlapur city. He is keeping hold of the business these outsiders are generating from handcarts on the monthly salary of 7,000 rupees.In this way, these outsider's handcarts on each road belong to some big contractors in Kulgaon Badlapur city. 
    These unauthorized handcarts in the city is one of the most common causes of daily trouble for passersby. Traffic jam is also seen in many places. Therefore, corporator encroachment department should take action against such unauthorized handcarts as corporator Sambhaji Shinde has pursued this issue. He has also tried to know who is the God Father of these people by interacting with the unauthorized wagons. When he asked unemployed people in their wards, they asked said that we have been given a salary of 7,000 rupees per month by Bhora from Kharvai and asked us to put a handcart at that place and all the daily business earning is given to the contractor.
    Another roundabout said that Shabab Khan has a handcart and we are given 7 thousand rupees a month, we 5-6 people are working for him and each one of us is given a handcart. We give full business earnings to the car dealers every day.

    Now Badlapur vikas Top news are also in marathi language, click below headline :-
    समाजसेवक मयुर रोडगे यांस लाइफसेवर फाऊंडेशन केले सम्मानित
    तुलसी आंगन सोसायटीच्या वतीने दिवाळी पहाट कार्यक्रमाचे आयोजन
    खरवई येथील हातगाडी माफियांचा बदलापूर शहरात हैदोस
    - शिवसेना नगरसेवक तुषार बेंबळकर यांच्या वाढदिवसाला आमदार किसान कथोरे यांची उपस्थिती
    बदलापूर (पूर्व) रिक्षा चालक मालक संघटनेच्या निवडणुकीत किशोर रामचंद्र देशमुख विजयी
    प्रियेसीच्या नादात लग्न केलेल्या बायकोचा केला छळ ; बदलापुर पूर्व पोलिस ठाण्यात गुन्हा दाखल
    ठेकेदार भरत नवगिरेच्या डंपरने दिली पार्क असलेल्या चारचाकी वाहनाला धडक : नुकसान भरपाई न दिल्याने प्रकरण न्यायालयात जाणार

    Every time we look at the hawkers who are working on the streets, we feel that due to poverty and for the sake of their stomach, they are doing this, but there is no picture of poverty in the Badlapur city and the women are paid by the contractor and they are encroached on the road and the administration should take action against them and this is what BJP city president Shinde said that They are demanding.
    According to experts, it is not possible for contractors named Bora, Khan to run unauthorized handcarts in Badarpur East Kharvai on salary system, without collaboration with the corrupt officials of the administration.
    Corporator Shinde further said that Amit Sarmalkar, officer of Kulgaon Badlapur Municipal Council, every time says that he will take action against unauthorized handcarts but does not take action. Officials are not taking action so, are they getting extortion money from these handcart mafias? The Chief Officer should do the inquiry

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