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    Shiv Sena's MLA can be elected even if the candidate changes rather than thinking of catching a fish

    Badlapur (Badlapur Vikas Special Report): - A grand gathering of "party workers" was recently organized by Shivsena Badlapur city branch in Murbad assembly constituency. In this Karyakarta Melava, Shivsena Badlapur city chief Vaman Mhatre made the statement addressed to MLA Kisan Kathore. Now, Shiv Sena workers has understood that, Vaman Barqu Mhatre has not had the ability to contest the MLAs election so he himself is suggesting a name for the ticket by importing a candidate for the post of the candidate from other party. When the city chief Mhatre himself said without hesitation, in his speech says, Shiv Sena's Murbad is going to import candidates for the saffron flag in the assembly, then the big question arisesfor hardcore Shivsainkis that whether Shiv Sena party's strength is declining in Badlapur 
    Shivsena's office-bearers and hard-working activists, while speaking to Badlapur Vikas, said, "Even today, grassroot activists like us are trying hard day-night to make Shiv Sena party strong in the Badlapur city and increasing their party strength. We do not feel sad that Shiv Sena can win in Murbad assembly only if the party imports the candidate. If some company’s product has become bad ("deficient") over time, instead of handing over the company to the owner of another company, keeping aside the bad ("deficient") product new product with a great capacity is launched then copany will survive for sure. Keep aside the survival it can be even more progressive in the future. in the same way, if Waman Baraku Mhatre has no capacity or If they say that they do not have the popularity Murbad assembly area, due to reduced poll voters the opportunity should be given to another worker in the same party, they expressed. "

    Now Badlapur vikas Top news are also in marathi language, click below headline :-
    समाजसेवक मयुर रोडगे यांस लाइफसेवर फाऊंडेशन केले सम्मानित
    तुलसी आंगन सोसायटीच्या वतीने दिवाळी पहाट कार्यक्रमाचे आयोजन
    खरवई येथील हातगाडी माफियांचा बदलापूर शहरात हैदोस
    - शिवसेना नगरसेवक तुषार बेंबळकर यांच्या वाढदिवसाला आमदार किसान कथोरे यांची उपस्थिती
    बदलापूर (पूर्व) रिक्षा चालक मालक संघटनेच्या निवडणुकीत किशोर रामचंद्र देशमुख विजयी
    प्रियेसीच्या नादात लग्न केलेल्या बायकोचा केला छळ ; बदलापुर पूर्व पोलिस ठाण्यात गुन्हा दाखल
    ठेकेदार भरत नवगिरेच्या डंपरने दिली पार्क असलेल्या चारचाकी वाहनाला धडक : नुकसान भरपाई न दिल्याने प्रकरण न्यायालयात जाणार

    One of Shivsena's branch chief gave this reaction to Badlapur vikas saying that, "Today many senior leaders and office-bearers of the party are showing their preparedness to fight Murbad assembly elections on Sena’s ticket, specially they have even started work in the Murbad assembly segment. The leaders of the party should note that the honor and trust of people working hard for years in Shivsena, can be broken if candidate is imported ignoring such a worker. So, the “advise to import” a candidate from former inefficient candidate should just be ignored.

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