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    Before purchasing property in Ulhasnagar, customers should make full inquiries, Says UMC Planning chairperson, Mrs Meena Sonde

    Ulhasnagar (Badlapur Vikas Media) - There are still pending case regarding unauthorized construction of 855 unauthorized buildings in Ulhasnagar city, However, full-fledged continuation of construction of unauthorized building in different places in the city are in progress, and after purchasing a flat in Ulhasnagar city, customers should fully invest in their hard work after making a thorough inquiry. Minatai Touched appealed.
    Currently, in many places in Ulhasnagar city, fraud builders are constructing unauthorized buildings from smallpox and are being branded flat on the flat by showing attractive advertisements. Since the construction of buildings in the places where the planned roads are being constructed in the Umapa area, after going to the courts, many cases should be considered in the courts and the customers should take great care while taking the dream home. Although the municipal commissioner inquired about the construction of the Ulhasnagar town and even after registering the construction of the unauthorized buildings, the construction of the toilets is still going on in the middle of the day even after getting permission and instead of getting permission. Specifically, the Board is also trying to mislead customers and officials by putting some landlords on their unauthorized construction site to allow Umapa's permission. As a planning chairperson, I have received many complaints and the complaint will be given to the municipal corporation for taking legal action against those unauthorized buildings. Meena Sondhe talks to Badlapur Vikas.

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