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    Rugna Mitra Bharat Khare understand about the problems of Divayang brothers of city

    Ulhasnagar (Badlapur Vikas Media) - Yesterday Rugna Mitra Bharat Khare went to the residence of Divyang Bandh in Tanaji Nagar, near Birla Gate, Ulhasnagar 1 and understand about their problems. If the grant of Sanjay Gandhi Randhar scheme has been closed during the ban, then he is hungry because the Municipal Corporation has denied the subsidy in the name of the online certificate. 
    On the other hand, the ration card holder is getting lesser ration, even after getting gas from the gas without stomach gas, the kerosene receiver is also closed. Some Divyang found that she did not have the ration card, and she called the local councillor Dilip Gaikwad and requested him to give the recommendation letter. They also promised to get the benefits of the government scheme by getting the ration card

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